The first box set has theme the Italian Wars with four historical battle scenarios: Fornovo 1495; Agnadello 1509; Pavia 1525 and Ceresole d'Alba 1544. The game box includes the Epic Battles Rulebook (cover art of Giuseppe Rava), the Scenarios Booklet, counters (art byGiorgio Albertini), counters stand, the hexagon map and the terrain configurations tiles to recreate the battlefield and to play the battles.

The Epic Battles game board is composed by tiles that linked together form the battlefield. This solution allows to add more tiles to the ones contained in the first set in order to compose even the larger battlefields when next expansions of the game are going to come out. The Terrain Configurations represent a wide range of terrain features and are placed on the battlefield to recreate the historical scenario.

The battlefield of the first game box is a hex grid, 24 hexes wide by 18 hexes deep (the hex's side is 2 cm, the tile is 38x28 cm). We are working to the forthcoming of the first box set in autumn 2021.