Epic BattlesĀ© allows the players to live again the great battles occurred throughout more than five thousand years of history and even the advances in tactical concepts and weaponry, all by means of only one organic framework of rules. Indeed, Epic Battles reflects how the warfare evolved from the birth of history until the end of XIX century.

Overall, the tactics the players will need to execute to gain victory conform remarkably well to advances and limitations inherent the Armies that have written the history and the battlefield terrain features on which they fought.

The various types combat units that trod the battlefields are well defined and rich of details which add historical depth and will provide even the most veteran player many new experiences and challenges.

Epic Battles, while not an overly difficult game to learn, understand or play, uses a tactical system which rewards most those who know what their men can do and how to exploit the capabilities of even the worst of them.

The one who has the better plan that uses the army at the best, coordinating the troops moving and their attack and, at the same time, is able to handle the chaos coming from the battle, will be the winner.